Protocol Parameters

InactivityTimeout: Specifies time in milliseconds the client MUST wait without getting any packet from server before terminating the WDS Multicast Transport Protocol on the client. The default value is 30,000 ms.

JoinInterval: Specifies time in milliseconds for the interval at which the JOIN packet is sent by the client to the server when no JOINACK packet is received. The default value is 500 ms.

MaxLeaveDelay: Specifies the maximum time in milliseconds a client MAY wait before sending a LEAVE packet to server. The default value is 200 ms.

ForceQCCInterval: Specifies the time in milliseconds the client MUST wait for the server to send a QCC packet so a QCR reply can be sent. If no QCC packet is received from the server within the time specified by this parameter, then the client MUST send a QCR packet. The default value is 20,000 ms.