Computer Object Exists

The server MUST set the FLAGS variable as follows:

  • MUST include WdsCliFlagsAccountExists.

  • MUST include WdsCliFlagJoinDomain if the JoinDomain attribute (section is set to a nonzero value.

  • MUST include WdsCliFlagResetBootProgram if ResetBootProgram is set to TRUE (section

Remaining variables MUST be set as follows:

  • MUST set the MACHINEOU variable to a null string.

  • MUST set the MACHINENAME variable to the value of the MachineName attribute (section

If the computer object information exists in an Active Directory Domain:

  • MUST set the MACHINEDOMAIN to the name of the Active Directory domain.

  • MUST set the MACHINEDN to the Distinguished Name of the computer object in the Active Directory domain.

Otherwise, the computer object information exists in a custom computer data store, and the values of the MACHINEDOMAIN and MACHINEDN MUST be an empty string.