NetrWorkstationStatisticsGet (Opnum 13)

The NetrWorkstationStatisticsGet method returns various statistics about the SMB network redirector on a remote computer.

 unsigned long NetrWorkstationStatisticsGet(
   [in, string, unique] WKSSVC_IDENTIFY_HANDLE ServerName,
   [in, string, unique] wchar_t* ServiceName,
   [in] unsigned long Level,
   [in] unsigned long Options,
   [out] LPSTAT_WORKSTATION_0* Buffer

ServerName: A WKSSVC_IDENTIFY_HANDLE (section that identifies the server. The client MUST map this structure to an RPC binding handle ([C706] sections 4.3.5 and The server MUST ignore this parameter.

ServiceName: A pointer to a string specifying the name of the workstation service. This value MUST be ignored on receipt.

Level: The information level of the data. This value MUST be zero.

Options: This value MUST be zero.

Buffer: A pointer to a STAT_WORKSTATION_0 (section structure that contains the statistical information.

Return Values: When the message processing result matches the description in column two of the following table, this method MUST return one of the following values ([MS-ERREF] section 2.2).





The operation completed successfully.



Access is denied.



The information level is invalid.



One of the function parameters is invalid.

If the Level parameter does not equal 0x00000000, then the server MUST fail the call and return ERROR_INVALID_LEVEL.

If the Options parameter does not equal 0x00000000, then the server MUST fail the call and return ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER. The server SHOULD<53> enforce security measures to verify that the caller has the required permissions to execute this routine. If the server enforces security measures and the caller does not have the required credentials, then the server MUST fail the call and return ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED.

The server MUST fill in all the members of the STAT_WORKSTATION_0 structure that the Buffer parameter points to with the corresponding statistics about the SMB network redirector.

Some fields of the STAT_WORKSTATION_0 structure are implementation-specific, as specified in section These fields indicate certain performance characteristics of an operating system and do not apply to all servers. If a field does not apply to the server, then it MUST set that field to zero.<54>