Creating Namespaces

When the server receives a request to create a new instance of the __Namespace class, the server MUST create a child namespace of the current namespace, using the instance's Name field as the name of the new namespace. A corresponding ClassTable and CIM database entries MUST be created, defining the system classes specified in section 2.2.31. The InstanceProviderId for each class MUST be set to NULL. A NamespaceConnection MUST be created for the new namespace and added to the NamespaceConnectionTable. If the new instance includes the NamespaceSecuritySDDL qualifier, then the qualifier's value specifies the security descriptor of the namespace in SDDL format; otherwise, the server MUST include an implementation-dependent default value for the qualifier.<76>

If there is a parent namespace, the server MUST add access control entries of the parent to the security descriptor using the algorithm in section

The server MUST generate a __NamespaceCreationEvent event object upon successful creation of the namespace.

The server MUST set the namespace's RequiresEncryption flag using the semantics described in section