IWbemRemoteRefresher::RemoteRefresh (Opnum 3)

The IWbemRemoteRefresher::RemoteRefresh method MUST return the updated collection of CIM instances and enumerations previously configured by the IWbemRefreshingServices interface pointer.

 HRESULT RemoteRefresh(
   [in] long lFlags,
   [out] long* plNumObjects,
   [out, size_is(,*plNumObjects)] WBEM_REFRESHED_OBJECT** paObjects

lFlags: This parameter is not used, and its value MUST be 0x0.

plNumObjects: If successful, plNumObjects MUST be a pointer to the number of CIM instances and enumerations that the method returns. It MUST NOT be NULL.

If the method fails, the server MUST set plNumObjects to NULL.

paObjects: If successful, paObjects MUST be a pointer to an array of WBEM_REFRESHED_OBJECT objects specified in section 2.2.15. The array MUST contain CIM instances and enumerations. It MUST NOT be NULL.

If the method fails, the server MUST set paObjects to NULL.

Return Values: This method MUST return an HRESULT value that MUST indicate the status of the method call.

The server MUST return WBEM_S_NO_ERROR (specified in section 2.2.11) to indicate the successful completion of the method.


The IWbemRemoteRefresher::RemoteRefresh method MUST be called on the IWbemRemoteRefresher interface pointer returned as a member of the _WBEM_REFRESH_INFO structure from IWbemRefreshingServices methods or on the interface returned by IWbemRefreshingServices::GetRemoteRefresher method invocation.

In response to IWbemRemoteRefresher::RemoteRefresh method, the server MUST read the current values of all the CIM objects previously added to the set of refreshing objects using IWbemRefreshingServices methods. The updated values for all CIM objects MUST be encoded into the output parameter using the format specified in this section.