Begin an Enhanced CIM Operation

A higher layer can initiate a CIM operation that takes advantage of enhanced semantics provided by the server: robust connection, streaming output, and interactive prompting.In addition to the details of the CIM operation to be performed, the HLP provides the desired values for the options as specified in section 2.2.10.

To begin an enhanced CIM operation, the client MUST perform the following steps:

  1. Create a new row in the CimOperations table and the corresponding Request message.

  2. Add an wsmv:OperationID element to the Request message with the OperationID value of this operation and the s:mustUnderstand attribute set to false.

  3. Add a wsmv:SequenceID element to the Request message with the value 1.

  4. Send the Request message to the server.

The client MUST NOT have multiple operations active at any one time on each primary or secondary connection.