1.8 Vendor-Extensible Fields

It is important to understand that the set of specific resources that are exposed is up to a particular implementation of the Web Services Management Protocol Extensions for Windows Vista service, and the various options that can be passed to those resources as a part of any requested operation are implementation-defined. As such, this section provides a convention by which an implementation can identify particular options that are to be processed by the resource in a specific way, but the extensions in this document do not enforce the use of this convention.

The recommended convention to identify options (included in an <OptionSet> element as specified in section is to add a resource-specific prefix to the name of the option. As an illustrative example, the prefix "wmi:" can be used to indicate that a particular option can be passed to a WMI resource using a specific internal data structure.

Vendors can define their own prefix values. However, it is up to each implementation to determine which option prefixes it uses, and how those options are processed.