This element is used by the client to specify identity attribute values to be added to identity attributes on the identity object that is to be created. Zero or more identity attributes can be specified, and for each specified identity attribute, one or more identity attribute values can be supplied. When the object is created, those identity attributes specified in the AddRequest have their values initially set to the values specified by the client.

While there can be multiple occurrences of the AttributeTypeAndValue element, there is only one occurrence of the Dialect attribute on the AddRequest element. Therefore, all AttributeType elements use the same dialect.

 <xsd:element name="AddRequest">
             <xsd:element ref="AttributeTypeAndValue"
 maxOccurs="unbounded" />
         <xsd:attribute name="Dialect" type="xsd:anyURI" />

AttributeTypeAndValue: Specifies an identity attribute to be set on the to-be-created identity object and the identity attribute value(s) that are to be added to that identity attribute. This element can be present multiple times, permitting values for multiple identity attributes to be specified.

It is permitted for multiple AttributeTypeAndValue elements to specify the same identity attribute. In that case, the values added to the specified identity attribute are the union of all the values specified in the AttributeTypeAndValue elements that specify that attribute. If the server does not permit more than one value to be added to the specified identity attribute, the server SHOULD reject the operation with a wxf:InvalidRepresentation SOAP fault.<38>

AttributeTypeAndValue.AttributeType: The content of this element is an identity attribute type expressed in the dialect specified by the Dialect attribute. This specifies the identity attribute to which the values are to be added.

AttributeTypeAndValue.AttributeValue: Contains the identity attribute value(s) to be added to the specified identity attribute when the object is created.

Dialect: The value of this attribute is the URI of the dialect used for the identity attribute types.