ComputerTargetScope Element

The ComputerTargetScope element is the top level node for the computer search scope XML fragment that is used to search for computers based on a set of criteria. This element MUST be present. It MUST occur only one time.

   NameIncludes = "[string]"
   RequestedTargetGroupNames = "[string]"
   FromLastSyncTime = "[datetime]"
   ToLastSyncTime = "[datetime]"
   FromLastReportedStatusTime = "[datetime]"
   ToLastReportedStatusTime = "[datetime]"
   IncludedInstallationStates = "[integer]"
   ExcludedInstallationStates = "[integer]"
   ComputerTargetGroups = "[string]"
   IncludeSubgroups = "[bool]"
   IncludeDownstreamComputerTargets = "[bool]" />