Persistent Storage Facility

WSUS requires a persistent storage facility so that abstract data models (ADMs) can be maintained. Examples of such a facility include file systems and databases. If the requirement is not satisfied, WSUS will not function.

WSUS uses a configuration system to configure update clients. Configurable aspects of update clients are specified in [MS-WUSP] sections 1.5, 2.1,, section 3.2.2, and section 3.2.4. An example of a configuration system is the Group Policy: Core Protocol, defined in [MS-GPOL]. It is used to control the WUSP client.

It is recommended that WSUS use a restartable HTTP download service to download files. Such a service allows interrupted HTTP downloads to be restarted. An example of such a service is:

  • Background Intelligent Transfer Service [MSDN-BITS]: Used to download files associated with updates. This functionality is used in both WUSP and WSUSSS communication. These interactions are shown in the black box diagram in section, where dashed lines show a possible implementation of WSUS.

WSUS can depend on other systems or external entities to provide configuration data or other services. The relationships described in this section are not required to implement WSUS, but are examples of such relationships.