procedure CompressOrDecompressWin2k3(
   inputBuffer: sequence of BYTE,
   inputSize: DWORD
   ref outputBuffer: sequence of BYTE, 
   comp: BOOLEAN)

Informative summary of behavior: The CompressOrDecompressWin2k3 procedure compresses or decompresses data using the compression algorithm LZ77 (section and the basic encoding algorithm DIRECT2 (section The procedure has the following parameters:

  • inputBuffer: A sequence of BYTE containing data to compress or decompress.

  • inputSize: The DWORD value that indicates the size of inputBuffer in bytes.

  • outputBuffer: A sequence of BYTE that is an empty buffer. Compressed or decompressed data is filled into this buffer.

  • comp: A Boolean indicating whether to compress (comp=TRUE) or decompress (comp=FALSE) the inputBuffer.