AMP for Email in (Preview)

AMP for Email is a new open source email format, based on HTML, that enables developers to create dynamic and interactive emails. These experiences make users more efficient by providing up-to-date information and actions that can be taken directly on email, reducing context switches.


There are multiple technologies that enable the creation of dynamic and interactive emails. Actionable messages is Outlook's officially supported format to create interactive email experiences. AMP for email is a new email format that we are evaluating.

Preview details supports AMP for email as a preview. During the preview:

  • AMP support is available and turned on, but it is in preview and could be turned off without notice
  • Developers can turn on AMP support to test AMP emails on their own mailboxes (in case it is turned off).
  • Only the web application will render AMP emails. Other Outlook clients and platforms are not currently supported.
  • Email senders can register to become an authorized sender

Your feedback is important

We will closely monitor the interest and feedback from Outlook users, developers and the email ecosystem during this preview. If you have any comments or questions during the preview period you can reach out to us via email.

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