Get Started with AMP for Email

Author AMP for Email code


If you already created an AMP email that works in another email provider you can skip to the next section. Your email should work "as is".

  1. Read the AMP for Email specification to understand the fundamentals.
  2. If this is your first time creating an AMP email we recommend you to start with this tutorial.
  3. Develop your code using AMP Components and test using the AMP Playground.

Test AMP emails in

When developing AMP emails, you can use your own account to test them.

  1. Register the sender address with Outlook. During development you can self-register. See Sender registration for details.
  2. Send AMP email to your mailbox via your own SMTP server or an ESP that supports the format such as Mailgun, AWeber, SparkPost and others. See AMP Tools for a full list.

Send emails to users

Once you are ready to send emails to end users (your actual customers) you must register to become an authorized sender.