Messages move from the Inbox to a renamed folder in Outlook

Original KB number:   3087043


When you rename a subfolder of the Inbox in Microsoft Outlook 2013, the following symptoms occur:

  • The email messages that were in the Inbox folder move to the folder that you renamed.

  • An additional folder appears and has the original name of the folder that you renamed.

  • An email message that contains an error message that resembles the following is added to the Sync Issues folder:

    12:25:00 Synchronizing Hierarchy
    12:25:02 Error in folder '<folder name>'
    12:25:02 [800CCCD2-0-0-733]

See the More Information section for an example of this issue.


This issue affects some IMAP accounts that are configured in Outlook 2013.


Microsoft is researching this problem and will post more information in this article when the information becomes available.


To work around this issue, use an alternative method to rename subfolders of the Inbox. For example, use webmail to rename folders when it's necessary.

More information

For an example of this issue, consider the following scenario:

  • You have an Inbox subfolder that's named Alpha.
  • You rename the Alpha folder to Beta.
  • You notice that all the email messages that were previously in the Inbox folder are now in the Beta folder.
  • You notice also that the Alpha folder appears in the folder list again together with the Beta folder.

In this scenario, if you select the ellipses button, select Folders to open the folder list, and then select the Sync Issues folder to view the messages it contains, you will find a message that resembles the message in the following screenshot.

Sync Error Example image