Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) account credit limits

Applies to

  • Partner Center

When you become a partner in the CSP program, your organization is given a credit limit that enables you to purchase software to sell to your customers while you are waiting for customers to pay you. To find your credit limit, please review your recent communication that explains where you stand with regard to your credit limit.

What you need to know about your credit limit

Once you have used 70 percent of that limit, Microsoft will send your organization's primary contact email letting you know. The email will provide you with a summary of your invoice that will include what you should pay to maintain your service. You will also receive a notice when you reach 85 percent. If you use 100 percent of your credit limit, Microsoft will let you know 24 hours in advance that you must make a payment, or your account will be suspended.

If your CSP account is suspended, you can’t create new customers, purchase new subscriptions, or make changes to existing subscriptions.

Automatic credit limit increase

As a CSP partner, Microsoft periodically reviews your account and if it is in good standing, you are eligible for automatic credit line increases. Microsoft will notify you of any account changes.