Use analytics to analyze performance of your indirect resellers

Applies to

  • Partner Center
  • Cloud Solution Provider program partners

Appropriate roles

  • Global admin
  • User management admin
  • Admin agent
  • Sales agent

Data drives business decisions. Use the metrics in the Reseller analytics page to identify your successes, your indirect resellers' successes, and areas that need more attention. Use this information as you plan new business goals.


Indirect resellers analytics is available only for partners in the Cloud Solution Provider program.

Types of reseller analytics metrics you can view

We are tracking the following metrics:


  • Total resellers: Count of active resellers on the last day of the subscription
  • New resellers: Count of new indirect resellers for the specified time period
  • Active resellers: Count of indirect resellers where the MPNID is at least 1 subscription, and where the subscription status is not deprovisioned
  • Transacting resellers: Count of indirect resellers with a subscription sold in the specified time period

Resellers by market

  • Total resellers by geographic location

Top resellers by subscriptions sold

  • A list of resellers, sorted by the number of subscriptions they've sold

Top products by subscription count

  • Dynamics 365: Dynamics 365 products sorted by subscriptions sold
  • EMS: Number of Enterprise Management Services subscriptions sold
  • Microsoft 365: Number of Microsoft 365 subscriptions sold
  • Office 365: Office 365 products sorted by subscriptions sold

New subscriptions

  • The number of new subscriptions added by date

Subscription churn

  • New subscriptions: Count of new subscriptions added by date
  • Deprovisioned subscriptions: Count of subscriptions deprovisioned or suspended by date

New reseller details

  • Reseller name: Names of indirect resellers
  • Location: Markets where the indirect resellers operate
  • Subscriptions: Number of subscriptions the reseller has sold
  • Licenses: Total number of licenses the reseller has sold across all subscriptions

MPA signed status

This section provides the status of MPA signed status of the CSP Indirect Resellers.

  • Reseller name: Name of the CSP indirect reseller
  • MPN ID: MPN ID of the indirect reseller
  • Region: Region where the indirect reseller operates
  • MPN vetting status: Vetting status of the indirect reseller
  • MPA signed status: MPA signing status for the indirect reseller

Click on the download icon in the chart to download MPA signed status data with additional dimensions

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