Analyze the effectiveness of your business profile

Applies to

  • Partner Center

Get reports to show how well you’re capturing the attention of your target customers and generating referrals.

After you post your company’s business profile, you’ll start to get data on how many customers find your profile, how often they click through to learn more, and how often they send you requests for information (RFIs).

As you start to respond to these referrals, you’ll start to get data on how many of these RFIs are turning into winning business deals.

Use these reports when refining your business profiles to generate more leads, and more relevant leads. Your data shows profile performance, analyzes trends and identifies areas that require action. From the Partner Dashboard, go to Referrals > Marketing pages.

These reports show the performance for business profiles for all regions. The reports show data for the last 90 days, grouped by weeks.

  • Trends: Shows the last 90 days, grouped by weeks. weekly data for the last 90 days and % change from previous period of the following metrics:

    • Marketing page views: How many times people viewed your business profile
    • Contact button clicks: Number of times people selected your business profile from the Find a Partner page. This may not reflect how many times people followed through to create a request for information (RFI).
    • RFI is accepted: Number of times you accepted customer referrals after they sent a request for information (RFI).
  • Page views: Shows weekly trend data for the last 90 days.

    • Marketing page views by customers
    • RFIs submitted by customers

See the search terms that customers are using to find your profile. These reports show weekly data for the last 90 days.

  • Keywords (Top overall search keywords)
  • Industry
  • Product
  • Service type