Assigning Azure subscriptions to customers in Partner Center

Appropriate roles: Global admin | Sales agent

Assign Azure subscriptions to your customers

  1. Select Customers from your Partner Center menu and locate the customer you want to manage.

  2. Select the down arrow at the end of the row to expand the customer's record and then select Microsoft Azure Management Portal. You will be directed to the Azure portal where you can manage the customer's subscriptions.

  3. From the Azure portal, select Subscriptions.

  4. Select the subscription you would like to assign, then select Access Control.

  5. Select Add to add a user to the subscription.

  6. After you add the user to the subscription, you can assign the user a role and the specific account that user will have access to.

Enable customers to manage their Azure subscriptions

After you create a Microsoft Azure subscription for a customer, you can enable them to manage the subscription. To do this, you'll need to log on to the customer's Microsoft Azure Management portal.

  1. To open the customer's Azure portal, either expand the customer's listing in your customer list or select the customer's name and then select Microsoft Azure Management Portal.


    If you are prompted to log onto the Azure portal, you may not have delegated administrative privileges. Select Request a relationship to invite the customer to identify you as their Partner of Record. After the customer accepts your invitation, you are automatically granted delegated administrative privileges.

  2. In the Azure portal, open the customer's subscriptions list and select the customer's Azure subscription.

  3. Assign a role to any of the customer's users so that they can create and manage resources under their subscription.

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