Assign support contacts

Applies to

  • Partner Center

When you set up subscriptions for Microsoft services for your customers, you may want to assign the technical support for these products to a designated reseller, rather than providing the support yourself.

After you set up support contacts, customers see your assigned support contact's information on the product support pages. For example, when Office 365 customers need support, they can go into the page, log in with their admin credentials, select the Admin tile, and under the Support section, see the assigned support contact information.

This can be used for multi-partner and multi-channel scenarios.

Assign contacts

  1. Start by requesting a relationship with your designated product reseller. Negotiate a support agreement with them for handling technical support.

  2. From the Partner Center menu, select Customers, then select a customer, then select a subscription, for example, Office 365 Business Premium.

  3. In Designated support contact, select the designated product reseller, and then click Submit.


    • For new subscriptions, the designated support contact defaults to the indirect provider. You can also change this to an indirect reseller that has delegation admin privileges.

    • If your reseller's name doesn't appear in the list of available support contacts, add them in by requesting a relationship. After the relationship is established, they should appear in the list.

  4. Review that the changes are correct, and then select Close.

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