Azure cost management app for Azure CSP partners

Applies to

  • Partner Center

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Before you begin

Before you can use Azure Cost Management, be sure you meet the following requirements:

  • You are a partner in the Cloud Solution Provider program.
  • You have the ability to create a Partner Center API web app.


Azure cost management by Cloudyn is a web app that allows you to track and manage how much your customers are using Azure and the costs of that usage. You use it through the Partner Center API.

Register your web app in the Partner Center

When you register an Azure Active Directory web app in Partner Center you enable access to the the Partner Center API.

  1. Sign into the Partner Center using a global admin or admin agent account.
  2. From the Dashboard, select Account settings > App management.
  3. In the Web App section, click Add new web app.
    Note: If you have previously created a web app, you can skip step 3.
  4. Copy and save the Commerce ID GUID and the App ID GUID for your web app. You will need both IDs to use the 30-day free trial of the Azure cost management app.

Add a secret key to your app

  1. In the drop down next to the Add key button, select a duration of 1 or 2 years.
  2. Click Add key.
  3. Copy and save the secret key value. You will need this for the 30-day free trial.
    Note: The application secret keys are like passwords with longer expiration dates. Please save the key value in a secure location for future use.

Next steps

Start a 30-day free trial. You need the following details to start the trial:

  • Partner Center sign in credentials
  • Commerce ID GUID
  • App ID GUID
  • Application secret key value