Azure services available in the Azure Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program

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Available Azure services in Azure CSP

This article lists the Azure services that are and are not available in the Azure Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. It also discusses service availability in the national clouds Microsoft Azure Germany and Microsoft Azure Government.


Azure China is not available in the Azure CSP program.

Global Cloud

All services based on Azure Resource Manager model are available in CSP Program. Non-Azure Resource Manager services such as classic deployment model services are not available in CSP program.

CSP-Specific Service Configurations

The following services require special configurations in CSP:

  • StorSimple

  • Azure Active Directory Domain Services

  • Azure Time Series Insights Only users from the customer tenant can access data in their Time Series Insights environment. Partners can manage their customer's Time Series Insights environment by default, but if they need access to the data in it, they must be added to the customer tenant.

  • Management Certificates for authenticating Azure SDK libraries via certificate are not supported in CSP model. Utilize Azure AD service principal authentication and the Azure.Identity library instead. Reference Authenticate with the Azure SDK for .NET

Visual Studio Marketplace

You can now purchase the items listed below from Visual Studio Marketplace, with the exception of third-party extensions.

Azure Marketplace items in Azure CSP

Not all Azure Marketplace items are currently available in Azure CSP subscriptions.

National clouds

The following table displays a regularly updated list of the available first-party Azure products, services, and features for CSP in national clouds.

Azure product, service, or feature US Government Germany
Virtual Machines X X
Cloud Services
Virtual machine scale sets X X
Azure Container Service
Azure DNS
Content Delivery Network
Traffic Manager
ExpressRoute X X
Virtual Network X X
Load Balancer X X
VPN Gateway X X
Application Gateway X X
Network Watcher X X
Storage X X
Backup X X
StorSimple X
Site Recovery X X
Data Lake Store
Managed Disks X X
Web + Mobile
App Service X X
App Service on Linux X
API Management X
Content Delivery Network
Media Services X X
Notification Hubs X X
Azure Search
Logic Apps feature of Azure App Service
App Service X X
App Service on Linux X
Batch X X
Container Registry
Container Instances
Service Fabric X X
Container Service
SQL Database X X
Azure Cosmos DB X X
SQL Data Warehouse X X
Redis Cache X X
SQL Server Stretch Database X X
Azure Database for MySQL
Azure Database for PostgreSQL
Data + Analytics
HDInsight X X
Stream Analytics X
Data Factory
Log Analytics X
Data Catalog
Data Lake Store
Data Lake Analytics
Azure Analysis Services
Power BI Embedded
AI + Cognitive Services
Machine Learning X
Azure Bot Service
Cognitive Services
Azure Batch AI
Internet of Things
IoT Hub X X
IoT Central
Machine Learning X
Stream Analytics X
Event Hubs X X
Location-Based Services
Notification Hubs X X
Time Series Insights
Enterprise Integration
StorSimple X
API Management
Event Grid
Data Factory
Service Bus X X
Data Catalog
SQL Server Stretch Database X
Logic Apps feature of Azure App Service
Security + Identity
Azure Active Directory X X
Azure Active Directory B2C
Multifactor authentication
Azure Active Directory Domain Services
Key Vault X X
Defender for Cloud X X
Developer Tools
Visual Studio Team Services
Application Insights
DevTest Labs
Visual Studio App Center
Xamarin University
Monitoring + Management
Backup X X
Site Recovery X X
Scheduler X X
Automation X X
Log Analytics X
Azure Monitor
Azure-Managed Applications
Azure Migrate
Management Groups

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  • Create your first customer in Azure CSP, and deploy Azure services.