Introduction: Azure plan lets partners buy Azure at pay-as-you-go-rates for customers

Applies to: Partner Center

Appropriate roles: Admin agent | Sales agent | Global admin

Microsoft has introduced a new commerce experience in Partner Center, the Azure plan. With this new commerce experience, partners will gain access to Azure services at pay-as-you-go rates for customers under the Microsoft Customer Agreement.

This plan simplifies the purchase experience - you can have multiple Azure subscriptions in an Azure plan. You no longer need to submit a separate order per Azure subscription. And, in this new commerce experience for Azure, we have aligned to a single global pricing principle enabling Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partners to offer Azure at the published prices.

Transition your customers from their existing CSP Azure offers to Azure services under the Azure plan in the new commerce experience in the CSP program from within Partner Center. This transition requires only the following:

  • The partner and end-customer must have an established reseller relationship through Partner Center, and the customer must have signed the Microsoft Customer Agreement.


Starting February 1, 2020, the existing Microsoft Cloud Agreement will be removed from the CSP program. From that time, partner confirmation (attestation) of the customer acceptance for the new Microsoft Customer Agreement will be required for all other offers including Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and existing Azure. Partners in the CSP will not be able to make a new order for the customer without attestation of the Microsoft Customer Agreement. For full details, read Confirm customer acceptance of the Microsoft Customer Agreement.

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