Eligibility requirements for the Solution Assessment Incentives Program

Appropriate roles: Primary contact or program admin

Partners with active and enrolled status in the Solution Assessment Incentive Program in FY20 will continue to be eligible for incentives in FY21 if they have an active Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) membership and an active Silver or Gold MPN competency. Partner qualifications are reviewed for eligibility annually. If established partners don't accomplish eligibility and participation requirements in the current year, they will be removed in the next annual review. All new partners are onboarded through the local Solution Assessment Specialist (SAS) in their area. The SAS will identify the partners to be onboarded based on the matching of skills and expertise in the partner company and the business needs of the subsidiaries supported by the SAS.

Prior to starting the onboarding process, partners will need to discuss with the SAS the capabilities their company has in supporting assessments in their localities.

Partners not currently enrolled in an incentive program must meet the FY21 incentive criteria to be eligible for Solution Assessment Incentive onboarding.


Eligibility requirements Criteria
Active Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) membership Eligibility in the Solution Assessment Incentive Program requires active MPN membership
One silver or gold competency Can be Active or Active preapproved
Azure Expert MSP/Advanced specialization partner Beginning April 15, 2021, the Azure Solution Assessments, including Data & Infrastructure Migration, Application Modernization, Azure Foundations, Azure Express, and Azure Cost Optimization, will require and Azure Expert MSP/Advanced Specialty certification.
Participation requirement Criteria
Incentive activity Partners must actively participate in the Solution Assessment Incentive Program in the current fiscal year to remain eligible to earn Solution Assessment incentives in the following fiscal year. This equates to at least one approved Solution Assessment incentive deal.

Work with a Solution Assessment specialist

Once a partner’s eligibility for participation in the Solution Assessment Incentive Program is verified, they will receive an invitation from their SAS to participate in the monthly onboarding process.

For additional details or information regarding the Solution Assessment Incentives Program, please contact your SAS.

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