Incentives co-op claims overview

Applies to

  • Partner Center

Appropriate roles

  • Incentives admin
  • Incentives user

When you participate in one of the Microsoft Incentives programs (such as the Partner Incentives Cooperative Marketing Fund, Online Services Advisor program, or Dynamics ISV program), you claim reimbursements of earned funds for activities you have done that support Microsoft product awareness. You submit a claim directly from the Partner Center. You no longer need to have your activity plan reviewed by Microsoft before submitting a claim. Submit your claim and the required documentation no later than the claim period deadline which is 45 days after the end of the usage period.

A successful claim includes:

  • Documentation that demonstrates you have met the core requirements for the activity
  • Invoices from third-party vendors you work with
  • Certification Statement and Report (CSRs) for any in-house work completed
  • The appropriate documentation (proof of execution) that proves you completed the activity


Microsoft reserves the right to request original proof of execution (POE) documents. Maintain all your original documents for a period of 24 months from the activity date.

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