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  • Partner Center

Microsoft competency achievements show your proven experience in delivering quality solutions. Join the elite tier of Microsoft Partners and stand out from your peers. Use them to:

  • Earn offers and benefit packs such as discounts to the Microsoft Action Pack. Benefits vary by competency and level.

  • Demonstrate your proven expertise. Earn more business referrals by showing prospective customers that you're able to meet their needs for a specific line of business.

Competency paths

Competency requirements for silver and gold membership

Earn competencies

After you join the Microsoft Partner Network, you can meet either performance-based or skill-based goals to earn Microsoft competencies.

Performance-based goals include:

  • Revenue goals
  • Active usage
  • Deployed seat count
  • New customer additions

Skill-based goals include:

  • Microsoft certifications
  • Online assessments

Some competencies have multiple ways to achieve the Silver or Gold level.

To check your progress in a competency, from the Partner Center dashboard, go to the Partnership > Competencies.

Get your employees connected to complete skill-based goals

  1. Add user accounts for the employees in your organization. From the Partner Dashboard, go to Account settings > Add user. (PMC users can add multiple users at a time by selecting Add users using PMC data.)

    After the user accounts are created, we'll send them a new user name and password, and will prompt you to download a log file which contains info to help reset the user name and password as needed. You can also set up the user accounts so they can reset the passwords by themselves.

  2. Ask the employees in your organization to sign in and associate their Microsoft account (MSA) to their user account. (From the Partner Dashboard, go to Account settings.) Employees can use the same or different MSAs to associate their Microsoft technical exams and certifications and their accounts through Microsoft Partner University.

  3. Wait 24 hours after an employee has associated their account or completed a skill-based goal. After this time, the progress displays in the Competencies section.

Note, employees can only associate these to one organization at a time. Once they associate achievements to your organization, they’ll sever any previous organization account associations.

Likewise, when employees leave your organization, you may need other employees to achieve the skill-based goals in order to maintain your membership at the same level.

Display your competency awards

Once you've met these goals for a single competency, you'll be able to upgrade your membership.

Upgrade your membership

To buy the Silver benefit pack, you only need to demonstrate silver-level proficiency in one path. Once you upgrade to Silver, we display all of the Silver-level competencies you’ve achieved in your business profile.

To buy the Gold benefit pack, you only need to demonstrate gold-level proficiency in one path. Once you upgrade to Gold, we display both the Silver-level and Gold-level competencies you’ve achieved in your business profile.

Maintain and renew membership

To renew your membership, you’ll need to continue to demonstrate proficiency in Microsoft products and services. Your subscription status remains until the end of the year that you purchased it.

Expired achievements may make you ineligible for upgrading or renewing your partner memberships at the same level.

If you receive the alert: “A recent change to your competency achievement has put your membership renewal eligibility at risk”, this means one or more of your competency achievements is at risk of expiring.

This often happens when an employee who helped your organization meet exam or certification requirements for a competency achievement leaves your organization.

Even though your membership renewal is at risk, your organization’s proficiency status continues to display until the one-year subscription has elapsed.

To renew or upgrade your membership at the same level, your organization needs to meet the competency requirements again.

Competency requirements for silver and gold membership