Create and manage an incentives co-op claim

Appropriate roles: Global admin | Incentives admin | Incentives user

You can use the following steps to initiate an incentives claim.

  1. Sign in to the Partner Center dashboard, select the Incentives tile, and then select Co-op management.

  2. If you already have a claim in process, the Claims overview page shows information on the status of existing claims and funds approved, claimed, and totals.

  3. To create a new claim, select Create a claim.

  4. When you have filled out the initial form and selected Create Claim, you will be taken to the Claim detail page where you will be able to add invoices, CSR's, proof documents, and metrics. You can also add additional information if needed.

The claims details page allows you to request others in your organization to upload documentation to the form. For each of the supporting documents you upload, you can provide explanatory details.

Manage your claims

You can see all the activity that goes into the building of your claim in History. Each time a colleague adds a supporting document or comments on something, the action is stored in History. Until you submit the claim, the status is editing. Your claim's status changes as it moves through the approval process. Sometimes during the reviewing of a claim, you may receive feedback on a specific item in your proof of execution (PoE) documentation. Feedback and requests for additional information also appear in the claim history.

You can't edit your claim after you submit it unless a reviewer requests additional information.

For more information, see the Partner Incentives Co-op Guidebook.

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