Create user accounts and assign permissions

Applies to

  • Partner Center

Create user accounts for employees who need access to the dashboard. These tasks must be done by the user management admin or the global admin.

Add a new user

  1. On the Settings menu, select User management.

  2. Select Add user.

  3. Enter the user’s full name and unique email address.

  4. Select the type of agent and/or the type of admin you want to assign to the user. Partner Dashboard access is role-based, so you can assign permissions to customize the user's view to show only the features the user needs to complete specific tasks. For more information about what each role can do, see Assign user permissions, below.

  5. Select Add to create the user account. Confirm the user's details on the next page.

Make a note of the new user's sign-in information displayed on this page. Be sure to copy and send this information to the new user as you will not be able to access it again later.

The user will need to sign in to the Partner Dashboard with their user name and temporary password. When the user signs in to the Partner Dashboard for the first time, they are prompted to change their password.

If your global admin has left your organization or moved onto another role and you need to add a new global admin, you have to log a service request on the MPN portal. The support agent can request elevation of a user to global admin if your requestor is able to provide the requisite Personal identity information and provide additional information about your organization.

Assign user permissions

Partner Dashboard access is role-based. The permissions you assign to a user customizes the user's view to show only the features the user needs to complete their specific tasks.

To work in the dashboard, you must have an assigned role. There are two general types of roles: Admins and agents.

  • Admin permissions control the level of access the user has to the Partner Dashboard features. This setting has impact outside of the Partner Dashboard -- a billing admin can access bills for all Microsoft services (even those unrelated to CSP), and a global admin can access user accounts and customer accounts beyond CSP as well.

  • Agent permissions control what kind of customer data and account information the user can see and change.

The general categories of roles are:

  • Admin roles
  • Agent roles
  • Incentives roles
  • Referral and marketing roles

Within each of these general categories, a user can only have one role, but that same user can have roles in the other general categories as well.


Users must be assigned at least one role to work in the Partner Dashboard.

For specific information on the roles and what each role can do, see Assign user permissions.