Partner offers in the Cloud Solution Provider program

Applies to

  • CSP partners

Microsoft partners in the Cloud Solution Provider program (CSP) have a growing catalog of offers available to them. You can sell the full range of Microsoft cloud services, as well as a variety of additional offers that change frequently. To see the CSP offers for the current month, sign in to Partner Center and then go to the Pricing and offers page.

Not yet enrolled in the Cloud Solution Provider program? Visit Cloud Solution Provider for more details about how to enroll.


As of January 31, 2020, all customers will need to have signed the Microsoft Customer Agreement. This includes your existing customers and new ones. To learn more, read Confirm customer acceptance of the Microsoft Customer Agreement

What you can sell through CSP

Currently, you can sell the following types of products and services to your CSP customers:

  • Azure reservations

    Customers can reserve space in advance on Azure virtual machines for a 1- or 3-year term.

    For more info, see Sell Microsoft Azure Reserved VM Instances.

  • Software

    Customers can buy software subscriptions (to Windows Server and SQL Server, for a 1- or 3-year term, to run on Azure reserved VM instances).

    For more info, see Sell software subscriptions through CSP.

  • Online services

    Online services is the new name for what are currently referred to as subscriptions. To make it easier for you to order multiple types of products in one place, we've integrated the "add subscription" task flow into the "add products" task flow.

    For more info, see Customer subscriptions.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) and other Azure Marketplace products

    You can sell subscriptions to SaaS products from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). To see only SaaS offers in Online services, use the filters to set Publisher to Partner. This will show all SaaS offers that can be purchased for that customer.

    You can also find info about these products on the Marketplace page. Note that this page also includes info about other types of products that must be purchased from the Azure portal, not Partner Center.

    For more info, see Sell subscriptions to Azure Marketplace Products

Add products page details

The following list identifies each of the new areas on the Add products page.

Add products - This page includes all types of products available for you to sell to your customers

Product categories - Azure, Online services, Software Select the type of product you're interested in to display only those products

Segment - Identifies the general type of business, for example, commercial or government, that you want to sell to

Publisher - Select which types of products you want to see - apps created by Microsoft or by third-party publishers

Billing type - Identifies whether the product is billed for number of licenses or for usage

Category - Identifies the type of business the product supports and whether it offers a trial version

View SKU, view product - Select to toggle between product and SKU lists. Products lists each product individually; SKU lists product groups

Buy CSP offers

To buy products and services on behalf of your CSP customers, you select the items the customer wants, add them to your cart, which creates an order, and then review and submit the order. The general process is described below. (For more details about orders for a specific product type, see the links above.)

[Note] A CSP offer needs to be available in both your tenant country and in your customer's tenant country. For example, if your tenant is located in Slovakia and the customer's tenant is in Germany, you won't be able to sell Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium to that customer, because this offer is currently not available in Slovakia.

  1. Select Customers from the Partner Center menu and then locate the customer who wants to buy from you.

  2. Select the down arrow at the end of the customer's row to expand the customer's record, and then select Add products. From here on out, you're creating an order. An order can include several items of different types, but they must all be for the same customer.

  3. On the Add products page, select from Azure, Online services, or Software.

  4. Fine-tune the available filters to more easily find the products you're looking for. To see the full list of what's available, set applicable filters to any.

  5. Select the product the customer wants, enter the desired quantity, and then select Add to cart.

  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you've added all the necessary items to your cart. Select Review to verify that your order is correct.

  7. On the Review your orders page, verify or change the products and the quantity and then select Buy to purchase the order.

  8. The details of your order, including your order number, are displayed on the next page. Select Done to go to your Order history page.

Learn more

For info about how the billing process works, read Billing basics.

For info about purchasing under the Azure plan, read Purchase the Azure plan.