Sell on-premises software through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program

Appropriate roles: Admin agent | Global admin

On-premises software in CSP supports a smooth transition to the cloud by introducing on-premises software in a cloud-focused program. This new offering helps bring the value-added partner to every purchase scenario as they provide a single platform to transact all Microsoft products. As a CSP, you can now sell on-premises software through Partner Center in addition to Open, EA, and other programs currently in use.

While ensuring the best overall customer value with on-premises software licensing options, we've also made the business model as partner-friendly as possible. Straightforward licensing of on-premises software in CSP means cost predictability and a streamlined sales process for you. This new business model makes it easy to procure, manage, and price on-premises software for your customers, allowing you to focus on winning business with an expanded portfolio of IT management value-added solutions.

Buy software subscriptions on behalf of customers

To buy software subscriptions on behalf of a customer, go to the customer's detail page, select Add products, and then follow the on-screen instructions to create and pay for your order.


For more information, see this guide to ordering and fulfillment through Partner Center.

Activate and manage software subscriptions

Once you've purchased your software, you or your customers need to download it (partners using Partner Center; customers using the Microsoft 365 Admin Center). Use the following procedure to do this. It’s important to understand the risks associated with copying links and downloading software. For more information, see Using Partner Center to obtain customer software downloads and license keys in the Partner Center New Commerce Operations Guide.


You must be an Admin agent in Partner Center to obtain the link to keys and downloads.

  1. Go to your customer's detail page, and then select Software. You'll see a list of all the software you've purchased on behalf of the customer.

  2. Choose product version, language, bit, and select Get keys and downloads.

  3. Choose Get Key which will display the 32-digit product in a pop-up dialogue which you can copy and send to the customer.

  4. Choose Download to download the bits.

  5. Choose Copy Link if you want to send the customer the link to the bits download.

  6. You can also Cancel the software order and receive 100% credit (if done within the 30 days cancellation policy period).


In CSP, we fulfill downgrade rights to the previous versions. Perpetual product licensing rights allow us to downlevel the product as per n-1 or n-2 policy for the majority of the products.


Only customers have access to see the product keys and download information in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center (Global Admin role required). Partners must use Partner Center to see this information.


CSP purchases are activated via a Multiple Activation Key (MAK). Key Management Service (KMS) keys are not allowed, even upon request.

Move a customer's on-premises license from VL to CSP with no downtime

Even though KMS keys are not available in CSP, you can still move your customer's on-premises licenses from VL to CSP and prevent downtime due to the purchasing channel switch. KMS distributes the licenses to the clients, and they usually remain active for 180 days before the device tries to renew that activation. This means the device will already be activated and will run for some time before any issues arise.

If the customer deploys the new MAK during this time, either manually or in a scripted way (using slmgr.vbs), no downtime will occur. If the customer doesn't deploy the new MAK during this time and tries to renew the license later, the device could become limited or blocked in some functionalities until getting reactivated.

For more information, go to Activate clients running Windows 10 (Windows 10) - Windows Deployment. For assistance with this type of deployment, you can submit a Technical Presales and Deployment services request.

Cancel a purchase

Use the following procedure to cancel a purchase. Once the cancellation is complete, the software key will be revoked.


You must be an Admin agent to cancel a purchase.

  1. Before beginning the process, make sure you have the following:

    • The customer tenant GUID or domain name
    • Order ID or Subscription ID
    • Refund reason
    • Amount requested
  2. On the customer's details page, select Software. You'll see a list of all the software you've purchased.

  3. Locate the software you want to cancel, and select Cancel. The Report a problem with Partner Center page opens.

  4. Under Details, in the Type of problem list, select CSP Purchase/Refund on behalf of customers.

  5. Fill in the Impact and Title fields.

  6. In the Description field, provide the following:

    • The customer tenant GUID or domain name
    • Order ID or Subscription ID
    • Refund reason
    • Amount requested
  7. In the Contact field, enter your name, email address, and phone number.

  8. If you need to attach a file for any reason, select Add files. This step is optional.

  9. When you're finished, select Submit.