Customer subscriptions

Applies to

  • Partner Center

As a CSP partner, one of the central things you do is offer subscriptions for Microsoft products to your customers. In the Partner Center you can manage all your subscriptions for each customer. You can add subscriptions, add licenses to existing subscriptions, even offer trial subscriptions to customers who want to test drive the software. In addition, using the analytics the Partner Center provides for understanding how your customers are using the software, you will be better able to support them.

To do this Read this
Create a new subscription for an existing customer in the Partner Center or add a new customer and then create their subscription Create a new subscription
Once you've added the subscription, you can assign licenses to the customer's employees Assign licenses to users
You can also manage bulk license updates Assign or revoke licenses to multiple users
As your customer adds new employees, you can add additional licenses to existing subscriptions Add licenses or services to an existing subscription
Your customer may want to try out software before committing to it, so offer trial subscriptions Offer your customers trials of Microsoft products
You can start the Azure subscription process within the Partner Center now Assign Azure subscriptions in the Partner Center
Find out about special pricing for offers Get special pricing for offers
Learn how your customers are using their software in order to help them be more effective. Increase adoption and satisfaction