Auditing resources

Applies To

  • Partner Center

The resources detailed here are used with audit operations.


Represents a record of an operation performed by a partner user or application.

Property Type Description
customerId string A GUID-formatted string that identifies the customer.
customerName string The customer name.
userPrincipalName string The user principal name or user identifier. Typically, this is an Internet-style login name for a user in an email address format based on Internet standard RFC 822.
applicationId string A string that identifies the application that performed the operation.
resourceType string The type of resource acted upon by the operation. Possible values:
  • "customer"
  • "customer_user"
  • "order"
  • "subscription"
  • "license"
  • "third_party_add_on"
  • "mpn_association"
  • "transfer"
  • "application"
  • "application_credential"
  • "partner_user"
  • "partner_relationship"
resourceOldValue string The old value of the resource.
resourceNewValue string The new value of the resource.
operationType string The type of operation performed. Possible values:
  • "update_customer_qualification"
  • "update_subscription"
  • "upgrade_subscription"
  • "convert_trial_subscription"
  • "add_customer"
  • "update_customer_billing_profile"
  • "update_customer_partner_contract_company_name"
  • "update_customer_spending_budget"
  • "delete_customer" (sandbox integration accounts only)
  • "remove_partner_customer_relationship"
  • "create_order"
  • "update_order"
  • "create_customer_user"
  • "delete_customer_user"
  • "update_customer_user"
  • "update_customer_user_licenses"
  • "reset_customer_user_password"
  • "update_customer_user_principal_name"
  • "restore_customer_user"
  • "create_mpn_association"
  • "update_mpn_association"
  • "update_sfb_customer_user_licenses"
  • "update_transfer"
  • "create_partner_relationship"
  • "register_application"
  • "unregister_pplication"
  • "add_application_credential"
  • "remove_application_credential"
  • "create_partner_user"
  • "update_partner_user"
  • "remove_partner_user"
operationDate string in UTC date-time format The date and time when the operation was performed.
operationStatus string The status of the operation being audited. Possible values: "succeeded", "failed", or "progress", which means the operation is still in progress.
customizedData array of objects Additional information. Each object contains two JSON key-value pairs: the first is "key" and a string value, the second is "value" and a string value. The number of objects in the array depends on the type of operation that was performed.
attributes ResourceAttributes The metadata attributes.