Update a subscription's support contact

Applies To

  • Partner Center
  • Partner Center for Microsoft Cloud Germany
  • Partner Center for Microsoft Cloud for US Government

How to update a subscription's support contact to one of the partner’s value added resellers.


  • Credentials as described in Partner Center authentication. This scenario supports authentication with App+User credentials only.
  • A customer identifier.
  • A subscription identifier.
  • Information about the new support contact: tenant identifier, Microsoft Partner Network identifier, and name. The support contact must be one of the partner's value added resellers.


To update a subscription's support contact, first instantiate and populate a SupportContact object with the new values. Then use the IAggregatePartner.Customers.ById method with the customer ID to identify the customer. Next, get an interface to subscription operations by calling the Subscriptions.ById method with the subscription ID. Then, use the SupportContact property to obtain an interface to support contact operations. Finally, call the Update or UpdateAsync method with the populated SupportContact object to update the support contact.

// IAggregatePartner partnerOperations.
// string customerId;
// string subscriptionId; 

// Instantiate a SupportContact object and populate it with the new support contact information.
var supportContact = new SupportContact()
    Name = "Support contact’s name",
    SupportTenantId = "Support contact’s tenant ID",
    SupportMpnId = "Support contact’s MPN ID"

// Update the support contact with a new object that has valid VAR values.
var updatedSupportContact = partnerOperations.Customers.ById(customerId).Subscriptions.ById(subscriptionID).SupportContact.Update(supportContact);

Sample: Console test app. Project: Partner Center SDK Samples Class: UpdateSubscriptionSupportContact.cs


Request syntax

Method Request URI
PUT {baseURL}/v1/customers/{customer-id}/subscriptions/{subscription-id}/supportcontact HTTP/1.1

URI parameter

Use the following path parameters to identify the customer and subscription.

Name Type Required Description
customer-id string Yes A GUID formatted string that identifies the customer.
subscription-id string Yes A GUID formatted string that identifies the trial subscription.

Request headers

Request body

You must include a populated SupportContact resource in the request body. The support contact must be an existing reseller with a relationship to the partner.

Request example

PUT https://api.partnercenter.microsoft.com/v1/customers/0c39d6d5-c70d-4c55-bc02-f620844f3fd1/subscriptions/C8D8FBAB-6A62-44DC-BE50-B7C74E43A296/supportcontact HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer <token>
Accept: application/json
MS-RequestId: b72d732a-eed7-4a60-82d1-1b2e6cba0ed2
MS-CorrelationId: 84eff9e1-6a8c-42aa-8678-c00b0d3fb26f
X-Locale: en-US
Content-Type: application/json
Host: api.partnercenter.microsoft.com
Content-Length: 320
Expect: 100-continue

    "SupportTenantId": "3B33E682-00C3-41EE-9DD2-A548ADF56438",
    "SupportMpnId": "4391507",
    "Name": "Trey Research",
    "Links": {
        "Self": {
            "Uri": "/customers/0C39D6D5-C70D-4C55-BC02-F620844F3FD1/subscriptions/C8D8FBAB-6A62-44DC-BE50-B7C74E43A296/supportcontact",
            "Method": "Get",
            "Headers": []
    "Attributes": {
        "ObjectType": "SupportContact"


If successful, the response body contains the SupportContact resource.

Response success and error codes

Each response comes with an HTTP status code that indicates success or failure and additional debugging information. Use a network trace tool to read this code, error type, and additional parameters. For the full list, see Partner Center error codes.

Response example

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Length: 328
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
MS-CorrelationId: b0cd9bcc-742e-4c76-9e34-a96d3bdc7673
MS-RequestId: 7591ca22-d4e3-409d-bfa6-09806eaff4f3
MS-CV: W8Tzj6NGckKHcq+E.0
MS-ServerId: 030020344
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2017 01:01:17 GMT

    "supportTenantId": "3B33E682-00C3-41EE-9DD2-A548ADF56438",
    "supportMpnId": "4391507",
    "name": "Trey Research",
    "links": {
        "self": {
            "uri": "/customers/0C39D6D5-C70D-4C55-BC02-F620844F3FD1/subscriptions/C8D8FBAB-6A62-44DC-BE50-B7C74E43A296/supportcontact",
            "method": "Get",
            "headers": []
    "attributes": {
        "objectType": "SupportContact"