Live data reporting replaces monthly reporting for some incentives programs

Applies to

  • Partner Center

Microsoft has retired the Partner Incentive Reporting and Analytics (PIRA) site, and no longer publishes the Program Detail Reports to PIRA. PIRA has been replaced by a new reporting portal within Partner Incentives Experience (PIE) that offers an on-demand, self-serve reconciliation model as well as bespoke reporting options.

Currently, this affects the OSA Sell and Online Services Usage incentives programs.

Things to remember:

  • Adjustment, earning, and payment data can be reconciled by exporting to Excel using the new functionality on PIE.

  • All statements previously available on PIRA will be archived under the Statements view on the new site.

  • Live data that can be exported to Excel has replaced the monthly program statements.

  • The PIRA Statements page will not show data beyond March, 2017.

Start using the new reporting functionality:

  1. Download and review the readiness assets on MPN Partner Incentives Reporting on Partner Incentives Experience.

  2. Go to PIE

  3. Log in to PIE using your Microsoft account (previously LiveID) associated to your Microsoft Partner Network ID (MPN ID) within Partner Membership Center. Select Personal Account if asked to choose between Work Account and Personal Account.

  4. Click on Reporting and then click on Programs.

  5. Select the incentive program you want reports on.

  6. Adjustments, the default view, may not have data. In that case, select the Earnings or Payments view.