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Applies to

  • Partner Center

Our partners use many metrics to gauge whether their business is growing and where to focus investment. Partner Center can help by providing data about if and how your customers are using the licenses that they've purchased. This information is available for Office products (including OneDrive for Business, which is counted together with SharePoint).

You can see data for all of your customers through the Cloud Solution Provider program. Note that some customers may buy licenses from other partners or directly from Microsoft—in that case, you will see the total licenses across all partners. To see only your own licenses, go to the customer's subscriptions instead.


Currently, we only show data for Office 365 and Dynamics 365. We will be enabling data for additional products in the future.

Find license and user data

For a single customer

  • Select Customers from the Partner Center, choose a customer, then select Customer insights.

Across your portfolio

  1. On the Partner Center, select Analyze.
  2. Download deployment and usage data across your entire customer set by selecting the export options.


  • Entitlement: a license that the user is entitled to use (it is not suspended for fraud or non-payment, it hasn't been upgraded to a different license, it hasn't been cancelled by the user, etc.)

  • Active: if the subscribed user has used the entitlement for a task in the last 28 calendar days.

  • Deployment % = assigned licenses/sold licenses

  • Usage % = active entitlements/total entitlements

    Sometimes the usage % is inflated, or greater than 100%. This can happen for several reasons:

    • If the customer had employee turnover and the license was transferred to a new user.

    • If the customer has two subscriptions for a SKU, but one is In Grace Period, Disabled, or De-provisioned, entitlements in both subscriptions may register active usage during the 28-day period but only one is counted in the total.

    • If the customer has a trial subscription, activity is counted but the subscription isn't counted towards the total entitlements.

    • If some customers are using Yammer significantly more than they are entitled to by their license it can skew the data dramatically.

Next steps

If you are fielding a lot of Help and How-to questions, the adoption numbers on your account are low, or you’re looking for upsell opportunities, you may want to consider offering training courses. By teaching your customers how to better use the cloud solution software they have purchased, you’re more likely to see an increase in productivity and satisfaction, and a decrease in support needs.

Problem: The user adoption rate is low, and many licenses aren't being used.

What to consider: Customers might not understand the value that the software could provide. They need help envisioning the ways they could incorporate it into their day to simplify tasks that they’re already doing, or to enable new kinds of productivity.

What to try: Case studies, user testimonials about specific scenarios, tutorial blogs, or videos.

Problem: There is a high volume of support calls for help and how-to questions.

What to consider: Customers may be new to the software, to the product version, or to their task.

What to try: You can use a dual strategy of offering training (in person or online) to increase customer's overall expertise, while also promoting some of the self-service options available to customers.

You may want to redesign your support site to also include the self-service options described in the topic Customer self-support in addition to your support contact information.