Add and manage multiple tenants in your Partner Center account

Appropriate roles: Global admin | Account admin

This article discusses how to consolidate multiple Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenants for your company and then add and manage them in your Partner Center account. There are many reasons to do so. For example:

  • Let's say your company, Contoso, has acquired another company, Fabrikam. You want the two companies to remain separate, but you want the new employees to be able to use Partner Center. In this case, you associate the new company's Azure AD tenant with your Partner global account (PGA). This association enables users in both companies to work in Partner Center.

  • If you run your business with more than one tenant (for example,,, and, you can use multitenancy to group them in the same PC account.

  • If mergers and acquisitions guidelines require you to work with tenants of both companies, you would use both the and tenants.

  • Users of any of the tenants need to be able to:

    • Access Partner Center for training, digital downloads, or Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) association.
    • Be assigned Partner Center roles such as Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) admin or incentives admin.

Add an Azure AD tenant to your account

  1. Sign in to the Partner Center dashboard as a global admin.

  2. Select the Settings gear icon, then Account settings, and then select Tenants.

    Screenshot of the Associate button on the Azure AD Profile pane.

  3. Select Associate, and then indicate the tenant you want to associate.

  4. At the prompt, sign in as global admin to the tenant you want to associate, and then select Confirm.

    Screenshot of the Confirm button on the Confirm new Azure AD association pane.

    After you've confirmed the association, an All set message is displayed. To view the newly added tenant, select Return to tenant management.


You can't associate a tenant with an account if it's already associated with another Partner Center account.

Remove a tenant from your account

  1. Sign in as global admin to Microsoft Partner Center.

  2. Select the Settings gear icon, then Account settings, and then select Tenants.

  3. Select the Partner tab.

  4. Select Remove next to the tenant whose association you want to remove.

    Screenshot of the current tenant associations and their Remove links.

    As shown in the preceding screenshot, the Remove links are enabled for all associated tenants, except for the primary tenant and the tenant that you're currently signed in to.


    When you remove a tenant, the users on that tenant no longer have access to the Partner Center account, and the removal might have an impact on your competencies.

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