Manage your Partner Center account - company profiles, bank information, roles, permissions & more

Applies to

  • Partner Center

Appropriate roles

  • Global admin
  • MPN account admin

The account you create on the Partner Center when you enroll is your work email plus your business information. After you create an account on the Partner Center, you will finish setting up your company's full profile including support details, file tax exemptions if appropriate, and primary contact information. Your company's account will also include user accounts for anyone who will use the Partner Center for adding or managing customers, selling subscriptions, working with billing and invoicing, creating business profiles, managing referrals, working with incentives programs, and providing support.

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Programs in which you are enrolled

Much of the work you do to manage your Partner Center account relates to the specific program(s) you are enrolled in and the user roles and permissions you have been assigned in the Partner Center.

To see which programs you have access to in Partner Center:

  1. Sign into the Partner Center dashboard.
  2. Look to the left navigation pane. Options associated with your enrolled programs will appear.

Here's one example. Let's assume a user has access to three programs in the Partner Center dashboard: The MPN program, the Referrals program, and the Commercial Marketplace program. When they sign into the Partner Center dashboard, they will see these three programs on the left side of the screen.

programs enrolled menu

Account management

Partner Center today has account management under two different sections: Partner settings and Developer settings.


To access Partner settings or Developer settings, you need to sign into the Partner Center dashboard, then select the Settings option (the gear icon) in the upper-right corner of the screen. You can then select either Partner settings or Developer settings from the drop-down menu.

Account settings

Partners can see the option to manage Partner settings and/or Developer settings based on whether their company has enrolled in those programs. The settings option will only be available if your company has enrolled in at least one program associated with that setting.

To manage your account settings, you must select the appropriate account settings option for the program in question.

This is a partial list of programs available and the corresponding settings option associated with that program:

Program name Settings option
MPN Partner
CSP Partner
Referrals Partner
Commercial Marketplace Developer
Windows and Xbox Developer
Office Store Developer
Edge extensions Developer

The differences in Partner and Developer settings options

Locate your MPN ID

Regardless of whether you are a partner or a developer, you need to use your MPN ID for such things as logging support tickets. If you are a developer, your MPN ID is located on your Account settings details page.

The partner MPN ID is located on the Partner profile page.

See partner and developer settings

Partner settings options will differ from Developer settings options. See below for sample screenshots of each set of options. If you have access to other programs, you may also see different options than the screenshot samples shown here.

Partner settings options:

partner options

Developer settings options:

developer options

Enrolling in programs

There are many Partner Center programs available. Each program has different requirements your company needs to meet before it can enroll in that program.

To learn about enrolling in certain Partner Center programs, see the following, partial list:

To learn more about enrolling in Partner Center programs, see also Partner network resources.

The account picker

You can be part of more than one account. If you are part of multiple accounts you will see the “account picker” in the left navigation menu. If you select the account picker, all the accounts you are a member of will appear as a list. You can select any of them and switch to that account where you will see all programs and information that pertains to that account. If you don't see an account picker, you a member of a single account.

account picker

Other resources to help you manage your Partner Center account

If you are enrolled in programs like the MPN program or the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, the following resources may help you manage your account.

To do this Read this
Ensure your company profile is current Update your partner profile
Add new users Create user accounts and assign permissions
Find the status of your verification Verify your account information
Everyone in your company who needs to work in the Partner Center must be assigned roles. Each role has specific permissions and tasks available to it. Create user accounts and set permissions
Review the permissions each role entails Assign users roles and permissions
Manage your company's locations Manage your partner account: Locations
If an employee forgets their password and you need to reset it Reset a user password
Enroll in Partner Center as a Control Panel Vendor Enroll in Partner Center as a Control Panel Vendor
Associate your Microsoft Learn account in Partner Center Associate your Microsoft Learn account in Partner Center
Make sure to market your company so that customers can find you Create a business profile
Stay up-to-date with current pricing and offers Pricing and offers
API: Verify a partner MPN ID Verify a partner MPN ID