Manage your Partner Dashboard account

Applies to

  • Partner Center

The account you create on the Partner Dashboard when you enroll is your work email plus your business information. After you create an account on the Partner Dashboard, you or your admin will need to complete setting up your company’s complete profile including support details, file tax exemptions if appropriate, and primary contact information.

The admin also needs to create user accounts for anyone who will use the Partner Dashboard for adding or managing customers, selling subscriptions, working with billing and invoicing, creating business profiles, managing referrals, and providing support.

Resources to help you manage your Partner Dashboard account

To do this Read this
Ensure your company profile is current Update your partner profile
Everyone in your company who needs to work in the Partner Dashboard must be assigned roles. Each role has specific permissions and tasks available to it. Create user accounts and set permissions
If an employee forgets their password and you need to reset it Reset a user password
Make sure to market your company so that customers can find you Create a business profile
Organize your catalog so the most important products are at the top of the list Customize the catalog
Stay up-to-date with current pricing and offers Pricing and offers