Partner Membership Center retirement FAQ

Appropriate roles: Global admin | User management admin | MPN admin

We have moved membership management from Partner Membership Center (PMC) to Partner Center, the single destination to manage your business relationship with Microsoft.

By now, your company should have completed transitioning your Microsoft Partner Network membership management to Partner Center.

My company hasn't completed migration. How do we engage with the Microsoft Partner Network?

Enroll in the Microsoft Partner Network. More information about enrollment is also available.

I have been working in Partner Membership Center. Why is it no longer available?

Microsoft’s transition from legacy tools to the modern partner ecosystem is nearly complete. The membership functions supported by PMC have fully transitioned to Partner Center.

My company is a Cloud Solution Provider. How do we get a Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) ID and accept the Microsoft Partner Agreement (MPA)?

Enroll in the Microsoft Partner Network, then ensure your new Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) ID is associated with your CSP account. After that, complete the process of signing the Microsoft Partner Agreement.

My company is blocked from signing the Microsoft Partner Agreement (MPA), and I'm unable to migrate my MPN membership from PMC to Partner Center. What should I do?

Refer to question “My company is a Cloud Solution Provider” above.

Can I enroll into Microsoft Partner Network with my company email ID?

Yes, company email IDs are supported but personal email IDs are not supported. More information about enrollment is also available.

What will happen to my existing PMC MPN ID?

The PMC MPN ID is not recoverable now that PMC system is shut down. You need to create new MPN account in Partner Center, then enroll as a new partner to receive a new MPN ID.

What will happen with the PMC locations that were not reviewed and updated for migration?

The PMC locations' MPN IDs are not recoverable. You will need to create new ones directly from Partner Center.

I have published or want to publish offers in the Commercial Marketplace. How do I connect my MPN ID to my Marketplace Account?

To begin working in the Commercial Marketplace, create a commercial marketplace account in Partner Center.

To change MPN ID associations for existing commercial marketplace accounts, ensure you are enrolled in the Microsoft Partner Network and contact Support for assistance.

Where can I find the tools to manage my MPN membership and benefits?

Partner Center streamlines several business processes to make it easier for Microsoft partners to manage their relationship with Microsoft and their customers. Partner Center allows you easy access to the tools you need to get work done. Use Partner Center to:

  • Manage your Microsoft account and users
  • Engage with customers
  • Build relationships with other partners
  • Enroll in incentive programs
  • Manage your membership in the Microsoft Partner Network
  • Manage customer subscriptions
  • Bill and get paid
  • Contact support
  • Publish or explore offers in the Microsoft commercial marketplace, a catalog of thousands of customer-facing transactable services and applications built and delivered by our independent software vendor (ISV) partner

I have an inactive account in Partner Membership Center. Can I re-gain access to it?

No. Partner Membership Center is no longer available. Enroll in the Microsoft Partner Network and create a brand new account. More information about enrollment is also available.