Get referral insights in Partner Center and find out how your referrals are doing

Appropriate roles: Referrals admin

The Co-sell opportunities page under the Analytics section in Referrals lets you see how your referrals are doing. Review these metrics regularly to identify trends or areas that need attention, and start driving towards your business goals.

To see your Co-sell opportunities insights data, from the Partner Center menu, go to Referrals > Analytics > Co-sell Opportunities.


The deal type filter is pre-applied with the Co-sell and Partner-led type selected for all the data. Remove the filter, if you want to analyze the data for all or specific type of deals.

Apply filters

Near the top of the Co-sell opportunities page, you can select the time period for which you want to show data. The default selection is 3M (three months), but you can choose to show data for six months or one year instead. You can also select Custom to see data for all referrals in a specific time period.

You can select the Filters button to open the panel that lets you filter all of the data on this page by Customer name, Country, Deal type, Deal direction, Solution name, and Status. Below are the details of these filters.

  • Customer name: The default is All, but you can limit the data to one or more customers that you select.
  • Country: The default is All, but you can limit the data to one or more countries of the customer that you select.
  • Deal type: The default is Co-sell and Partner-led but you can either select All or limit the data to Private or Partner-led deals based on your selection.
  • Deal direction The default is All, but you can choose to limit the data to either Incoming referrals (ones that you received) or Outgoing referrals (ones that you sent).
  • Solution name: The default is All, but you can choose to limit the data to referrals that contains one or more solutions that you select.
  • Status: The default is All, but you can choose to limit the data to referrals that contains one or more referral status types like created, accepted, declined, expired, lost, and won that you select.

The info in all of the charts listed below will reflect the date range and any filters you've selected, except as noted below. Some sections also allow you to apply extra filters, such as filtering to a specific solution.

Referrals summary

This card shows an overview of how your Co-sell opportunities are doing.

The chart shows the total number of Deals, the number that were won, the number that were lost, and the total deal volume (in USD) for the selected time period.

The percentage change metrics (shown in red or green, with an arrow indicator) indicate the difference between the last full month in the selected date range and the first full month in that range. For example, say the current date is June 15, and you have selected the 3M filter to show data for the last three months. In this case, these metrics would show the difference between May (the last full month in the selected time period) and March (the first full month in the selected time period) the date range selected is last 3M, the comparison would be between the data for May and the data for March.

Image showing the summary card of Co-sell opportunities analytics.

Conversion funnel

This section shows a visual indicator of how your deals are moving from one state to another through their life cycle. You can view the entire life cycle based on the deal volume and the deal value in USD based on the main pivot for this section. The first section is labeled both with the state and the type of the deal to give you a visual indicator of the volume or value by type. There is also a section, Referrals from the past, which is used to indicate the deals for which you have taken action of either accepting/declining them or marking them as won/lost in the time period that has been selected for the report. You can apply filters to view the progress of the deals across various stages in their life cycle.

Co-sell inbound deals can merge into either Accepted, Declined, or Expired as partners have to either Accept or Decline the inbound co-sell deals.

Image showing the states for inbound referrals.

Partner-led, Private, and Co-sell outbound deals will merge into Created as these types of deals are created by Partners.

Image showing the states for outbound referrals.

Image showing the conversion funnel for referrals.

Deals by geography

This section shows the countries/regions where deals came from, along with details for each country/region. There is a table view of the deal details for each country along with a map view of all the countries. You can select a specific country in the table or select the map view to zoom to a specific country.

Image showing the geo distribution of referrals.

Deals by solutions

This chart lets you see which of your solutions are driving the most referrals and the highest deal value. The table has three pivots - Co-sell, Partner-led, and Private. Based on your pivot selection, you can see the performance of the deals aggregated by solution.


If multiple solutions are included in a deal, the table will show the same deal counted against all those solutions. You should not add up the values related to solutions and compare it with other referral volume metrics. This view is meant to help you understand the deal performance with solution pivot.

The table has total deals that have the solution included in them and the corresponding states like deals won, deals lost, deals expired along with the total deals value won and lost in USD currency. There is also a deals trend graph to the right of the table that shows the total deals counts and the deal value won in USD currency based on the solution that is selected. The default selection is all solutions.

Image showing the solutions performance.

Declined & lost reasons

This section will help you analyze the reasons why the deals are getting marked as Declined or Lost by your company. The options in these representations are the same reasons that your sellers have chosen while closing the deal as declined or lost.

Image showing the reasons selected by partner when declining or making a deal as lost.

Comparison charts

The comparison section will help you compare the data related to referrals based on multiple dimensions both on the volume and the deals value won in USD pivot. The three dimensions that you can choose to compare data are:

  • Deal type
  • Markets
  • Solutions

When deal type is selected, you can compare the referrals performance with respect to Co-sell opportunities, Partner-led, and Private deals. For both markets and solutions, you can pick up to three different options to compare their performance. The first graph, which is a bar chart will have data presented with a month on month trend based on the main pivot, which is volume or the deals value won. There is also a pie chart to the right of the bar chart, which shows the distribution by percentage for the same data.

Image showing the comparison section.


You can export the Referral and deal registration data. The following information describes the export functionality.

  • You can export a maximum of 5000 records by clicking on the export button. Records will be sorted in descending order based on referral creation date.
  • The export function takes into account the timeline and the filters that have been applied.
  • Partner can choose to download the report in either CSV (Comma-separated value) or TSV (Tab-separated value) format.
  • It can take few minutes to download the records.
  • You have to wait for the download to complete. Navigating away will cancel the export.

No data

There can be multiple reasons why you are getting a blank chart like below when accessing the Co-sell analytics as described below.

  • There is no data for this account. Try creating deals to get this report populated.
  • There is some network connectivity issue. Check your internet connection and try again.
  • The page loads with the default filter for Co-sell deals. If you only have Private deals, reset the deal type filter.
  • There are no records matching the filters that you applied. Try resetting the filters.
  • There is a delay between the opportunity state change and for the same to be updated in the analytics report. Check the report after 24 hours.

Image showing no data visualization for referrals.


The Referrals insights page only shows data for referrals generated in Partner Center. It does not show data for referrals generated through Partner Sales Connect or any other mechanisms.


To see how your business profile is performing in the Find a solution provider experience, review the Leads insights page.

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