Remove a reseller relationship with a customer

Applies to

  • Partner Center

Direct partners: if you're no longer transacting with a customer, you can remove the relationship in Partner Center.

This feature:

  • Removes the customer from your list of customers in Partner Center
  • Removes you from the list of available support contacts for your customer
  • Removes your delegation admin privileges for the customer
  • Removes the ability for you to make purchases on behalf of the customer

To remove the relationship, you'll need to cancel Azure RI reservations, cancel software purchases, and suspend any remaining active subscriptions first:

  1. Suspend any active subscriptions. From the Dashboard, go to Customers > select a customer > Subscriptions > select a subscription > Suspended.

    Repeat this for each active subscription.

  2. Remove the relationship in Partner Center: From the Dashboard, go to Customers > select a customer > Account > Remove reseller relationship.

    Note, if any subscriptions are still active, the Remove reseller relationship link will be inactive.

To re-establish the relationship, repeat the process of requesting a relationship.