Renew your MPN offers for Microsoft Action Pack and competencies during the renewal window

Applies to

  • Partner Center

The Microsoft Action Pack and silver and gold competencies are offers for members of the Microsoft Partner Network that require annual renewal. Your renewal window begins on the anniversary of your purchase date plus one day. For example, if you purchased the Microsoft Action Pack on September 1, 2018, your renewal window begins on September 2, 2019. You can renew Microsoft Action Pack and competencies in Partner Center. Under Membership offers, you'll find your purchased offers and can locate the anniversary date for your offers under the renewal start date column. Membership in the Microsoft Partner Network itself does not require an annual renewal.

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Renewal reminders

You have 30 days after your anniversary date to renew. Your benefits continue during that time. Fifteen days before your anniversary date, Microsoft will remind you of your upcoming anniversary. You will receive another reminder 23 days after your anniversary date. When you renew during that anniversary plus 30-day window, your benefits remain intact. If you don't renew within your renewal window, you'll lose your benefits and competencies.

When you renew during the renewal window, your new anniversary date will be 365 days after your current anniversary.

Responding to COVID-19:

To help you focus on supporting your customers:

  • if your competency anniversary date is between July 1 and December 31, 2020, we are extending your existing competency or competencies through your next anniversary date in 2021. Your competency renewal reminders will be updated to reflect this new offer.

  • If your competency is coming up for renewal, you'll see in Partner Center that your requirements have been met. To renew, you'll need to pay your competency fee within your renewal window on the Membership offers page.

  • If you've already missed your renewal window, you can reactivate your competency and regain access to resources and benefits by paying your fee on the Membership offers page.This extension is available until December 31, 2020.

How to view competency renewal information

  1. From the Partner Center menu on your dashboard, select Competencies.

  2. In the list of competencies that are available, your competencies should be marked as Complete.

  3. Select one of your competencies. You'll see a notice that you have been given an exemption from meeting the requirements until your next renewal date.

  4. To take advantage of this offer, go to Membership offers. You may need to pay the competency fee to complete the process, depending on your competency purchase or renewal status.

To take advantage of the extension, you must have moved your membership from Partner Membership Center (PMC) to Partner Center to renew your competency and pay the fee. If you have not moved your membership, learn more and make the transition today.