Sell subscriptions to Azure Marketplace products

Applies to

  • Partner Center

You can use Partner Center to sell your customers subscriptions to Software as a Service (SaaS) products published to Azure Marketplace by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). This can help differentiate your business and provide your customers with software bundles that address their specific business needs. You manage licenses and subscriptions for these Azure Marketplace SaaS products just as you do for Microsoft products.

For more info about Azure Marketplace, see Azure Marketplace FAQs.

View Marketplace offers and pricing

To view all available offers, select Marketplace from the left navigation menu. By default, you’ll see products of all types and categories. You can filter by type and/or category, or use the search box to search for specific keywords. Select a product to see info about the publisher and available SKUs.


Some products that are available in Azure Marketplace may not be shown here. ISVs can decide whether or not to offer their products to Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partners in Partner Center. If you see a product in Azure Marketplace that you'd like to offer to your customers through Partner Center, find the publisher’s contact info in Azure Marketplace and let them know you’re interested.

Prices for Azure Marketplace products can change frequently. To get current pricing info for all Marketplace products, select Export price list in the upper right corner of the Marketplace page. This will generate a spreadsheet with all pricing data. Pricing info is updated every day, so you can check it as often as you'd like to get current prices.

Purchase Marketplace products for your customers

Purchasing subscriptions for Azure Marketplace SaaS products follows the same process as purchasing subscriptions for Microsoft products. When adding a subscription for a customer, you can choose to see only Marketplace offers from ISVs by selecting Partner in the Publisher filter. For more info, see Create a new subscription.


You can only purchase Software as a Service (SaaS) product subscriptions in Partner Center. Other offer types (such as Azure applications, Containers, or VMs) are managed through the Azure portal and billed according to consumption. An existing Azure subscription is required in order to enable pay-as-you-go solutions through the Azure portal.

Note that some offers that you see in the Marketplace page may not be available to a specific customer. Availability may be impacted by a number of factors, including whether the ISV supports the customer’s billing country/region.


You can also use Partner Center APIs to create Azure Marketplace subscriptions for your customers. For more info, see Create a subscription for Azure Marketplace products.

With subscriptions to Azure Marketplace products, you have the option to cancel the subscription within the cancellation period (24 hours for monthly subscriptions or 14 days for annual subscriptions). You can also choose whether or not to automatically renew the subscription.

Access billing info for Marketplace products

For Marketplace products, the billing period starts on the first day of the calendar month and ends on the last day of the calendar month. We’ll make your invoice available on the 8th day of the following month. You can access these invoices either in Partner Center or by using Partner Center APIs.

For more info, see Understanding the types of billing in Partner Center.

Provide support for customers using Marketplace products

Just as with Microsoft products, you should be the first point of contact for your customer for questions about billing and subscription management. For technical support, you'll need to contact the publisher. Microsoft does not provide support for Marketplace products, but will provide the publisher’s support contact info to you.

For more info, see Support for Azure Marketplace products and Providing support to your customers.

Manage subscriptions using Partner Center APIs

You can create a subscription for Azure Marketplace products using Partner Center APIs by getting a list of offers for a market, creating and submitting an order for an Azure Marketplace subscription, then retrieving an activation link. You can also use Partner Center APIs to perform lifecycle management and manage invoices for these subscriptions.

For more info, see Create a subscription for Azure Marketplace products.