Software Assurance Training Voucher (SATV) program in Partner Center

Grow your business by enrolling in Software Assurance partner programs. Microsoft compensates partners for delivering training, planning, and other services to enterprise customers who have Software Assurance.

As an approved software assurance Training partner, Microsoft compensates you for providing technical training to enterprise customers in exchange for vouchers they get with Software Assurance. Participating in this program can help you attract more customers and become their trusted learning partner.

Get started

If you're new to Software Assurance training services, follow all the steps below. If you're already active in the training voucher program, start at step four (4) below.

  1. Confirm program eligibility
  2. Enroll in the training program
  3. Confirm course eligibility
  4. Have customer create and assign voucher
  5. Validate and reserve customer voucher
  6. Deliver training and activate product
  7. Redeem voucher
  8. Request payment

This article explains how to complete each step.

Confirm program eligibility

Before you can enroll in the SATV program, you must first complete the requirements for the Microsoft Partner Network Learning option, which replaces the Microsoft Learning competency. Learn how to get started in the Learning option.

You can verify your company's eligibility including applicable competency and assessment requirements in Partner Center. Follow the instructions at step 1 of the SATV workflow for more details and screenshots.

Enroll in the training program

After your company meets the eligibility requirements, you're ready to sign the Software Assurance Training Voucher program agreement and enroll. Be sure to review all SATV program policies, then follow the instructions in step 2 of the workflow to complete the SATV enrollment process in Partner Center.

Confirm course eligibility

Once enrolled in the SATV program, partners can offer training sessions for SATV-eligible courses, for which customers can use their training vouchers. Eligible courses are listed in the SATV course eligibility catalog. Review step 3 of the workflow to understand which types of courses are SATV-eligible or to obtain a link to the course eligibility catalog.

Have customer create and assign voucher

Before conducting a training, your customer must first activate their SATV benefit and then assign it to your organization. For detailed instructions with screenshots showing the steps your customer must take in order to create a voucher and assign it to you, refer to step 4 of the workflow.

Validate and reserve customer vouchers

You are now able to reserve and redeem vouchers and begin training your customers. Your company's MPN admin has access to the voucher management tool in Partner Center and can add users who need to work in the tool. For instructions on validating and reserving vouchers, refer to step 5 of the workflow.

Deliver training and activate product

Once a voucher is reserved, you may deliver the training to your customer. See step 6 of the workflow for training engagement guidelines and instructions for the activation and purchase of Microsoft Official Courseware (MOC), exams, and Microsoft Course Certificate vouchers (LaaS) for MOOC courses.

Redeem voucher

Once you complete a training, you must redeem the voucher. Follow the instructions in step 7 of the workflow to ensure all requirements are met so that you can request payment.

Request payment from Microsoft

Payments are handled through Software Assurance Voucher Benefit (SAVB) Online Payment Tool. Follow the instructions in step 8 of the workflow to submit an invoice to Microsoft through SAVB.

For additional information read the FAQ and review SATV program policies.

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