Suspend a subscription

Applies to

  • Partner Center
  • Partner Center for Microsoft Cloud for US Government
  • Partner Center for Microsoft Cloud Germany

Partners can suspend or cancel a subscription if requested by the customer, or in cases of nonpayment or fraud.

When you change the status of a subscription to Suspended, users are not able to sign in or access services. Administrators can still sign in and access data.

Suspend a subscription

  1. From the Dashboard menu, select Customers, then choose a customer from the list.
  2. Choose the subscription you want to manage.
  3. In the Status section, choose Suspended. Then Submit your changes.
  4. All data will be deleted unless the subscription is reactivated within 90 days, or 90 days plus the number of days between the time the account was opened and the first billing period (maximum 120 days).

When you suspend a subscription, the date you see below the Suspended button indicates when the subscription would automatically expire if you don't reactivate it.