Transfer license-based services customers to the Cloud Solution Provider Program from another channel or from one partner to another

Applies to

  • Partner Center

If your customer wants to hire multiple partners, transfer their subscriptions to another partner, or manage their subscriptions purchased elsewhere, you can move them manually. You can also move customers into Partner Dashboard from another channel.

Move your customer’s license-based subscriptions to the Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP)

  1. Select Customers from your Partner Center Dashboard menu and then select Request a reseller relationship. To provide support for multi-channel accounts, you do the same thing.

  2. Once the customer accepts your invitation, you’ll be able to provision the desired subscriptions and seats for the customer (for example, the same Office 365 offer that the customer purchased previously).

  3. The customer can either allow its original subscriptions to expire or cancel them. However, since there are no refunds on cancelled subscriptions, it’s best to wait until the customer’s subscriptions are near the natural expiration dates.

  4. The customer will then continue forward with the subscriptions you have provisioned without interruption.

If you provision the same offers as those your customer has been using, there is no need to reassign licenses, and there will be no disruption to end-users. The offers must be the same to ensure no data loss. As long as the total number of licenses remains the same and the offer is equivalent your customers will feel no impact.

If you transfer customers who are on offers that have been discontinued, you will need to find an equivalent offer in order to prevent data loss. If you move the customer to a different offer, you will need to update their license assignment.


You, the CSP partner, must be in the same country or region as the customer tenant to transition that customer to you.