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Use Partner Center to sell your customers subscriptions to Software as a Service (SaaS) products published to the Azure Marketplace Sell subscriptions to Azure Marketplace products
The CSP program enables partners to acquire, provision, and manage Azure RI and Server Subscriptions on behalf of commercial customers using Partner Center and the Microsoft Azure Portal. Azure reserved VM instances (RI) + server subscriptions for Azure
Take a tour of Partner Center (sign in required) Partner Center tour
CSP partners participating in the incentives co-op program can now create and manage claims in Partner Center Create and manage incentives claims
Address fast-growing customer demand for more cost-effective solutions to support highly predictable and persistent cloud workloads by selling Azure reserved instances and Windows Server and SQL Server Subscriptions through the Microsoft CSP program. You can now acquire, provision, and manage Azure reserved instances and Server subscriptions on behalf of commercial customers using Partner Center and the Microsoft Azure Portal by taking advantage of the Azure Hybrid Benefit. Sell software subscriptions through CSP
Discover new data analysis tools to better track your business growth and needs Partner contribution - Stay on top of performance indicators
CSP partners can now analyze Azure usage, indirect reseller efforts, and license and subscription adoption and usage rates Analyze Azure usage Analyze indirect resellers performance Analyze subscriptions and licenses