Work with other partners

Applies to

  • Partner Center

Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program offers opportunities for partners to work together in these ways.

Indirect provider-indirect reseller model

In this model, also known as the two-tier model, indirect providers and indirect resellers work together to sell Microsoft cloud-based services to organizations in multiple locales, verticals, and industries.

Indirect providers

Indirect providers (also known as distributors) purchase products and subscriptions directly from Microsoft and then offer these solutions to customers through resellers. Working with indirect resellers allows providers to expand their reach and customer base.

If you're an approved indirect provider in CSP, see Partner with indirect resellers in CSP to learn more about connecting with indirect resellers and customers.

Indirect resellers

Indirect resellers work with indirect providers, who have a direct relationship with Microsoft and have the infrastructure to provide customer support and billing. Partnering with indirect providers allows indirect resellers to work with experienced technology providers to go to market without having to make a large capital investment, and to offer a broader portfolio of Microsoft solutions.

If you're an indirect reseller or if you're interested in enrolling in CSP as an indirect reseller, see Partner with indirect providers in CSP to learn more about connecting with indirect providers and customers.

Not sure whether to enroll in CSP as an indirect reseller or as a direct partner? See Explore the indirect model on the Microsoft Partner Network website.

Multi-partner support

Partner Center’s multi-partner feature supports scenarios when a customer needs to work with more than one partner. For example, they may want to hire one partner for their expertise in Office 365, but also hire a different partner who specializes in Microsoft Azure. See Multi-partner support for more information.

Multi-partner support is also available in Microsoft's national cloud offerings.

Multi-channel support

Partner Center’s multi-channel feature supports scenarios when a customer wants to hire a partner to provision and support a subscription they purchased elsewhere. See Multi-channel support for more information.

Multi-channel support is also available in Microsoft's national cloud offerings.

A partner in CSP cannot resell online services to another partner in CSP currently. Microsoft continuously reviews policies and capabilities of all programs. Any announcements about feature releases will be announced through the usual communication channels, including Partner Center.