ImeMode EnumType

Describes the input method editor mode


Members define the discrete options for the enumeration type.

Name Value Description
Auto 0 Specifies that the IME mode is chosen automatically.
Inactive 1 Specifies that the IME mode is inactive.
Active 2 Specifies that the IME mode is active.
Disabled 3 Specifies that the IME mode is disabled.

Used by

The following use the ImeMode EnumType.

Name How used
DateTimeAttributeMetadata Property
DecimalAttributeMetadata Property
DoubleAttributeMetadata Property
MemoAttributeMetadata Property
MoneyAttributeMetadata Property
StringAttributeMetadata Property
ComplexDateTimeAttributeMetadata Property
ComplexDecimalAttributeMetadata Property
ComplexDoubleAttributeMetadata Property
ComplexMemoAttributeMetadata Property
ComplexMoneyAttributeMetadata Property
ComplexStringAttributeMetadata Property

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