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The following entities are included in this solution.

Name Display Name Description
account Business that represents a customer or potential customer. The company that is billed in business transactions.
appointment Commitment representing a time interval with start/end times and duration.
connection Relationship between two entities.
contact Person with whom a business unit has a relationship, such as customer, supplier, and colleague.
documenttemplate Used to store Document Templates in database in binary format.
email Activity that is delivered using email protocols.
fax Activity that tracks call outcome and number of pages for a fax and optionally stores an electronic copy of the document.
goal Target objective for a user or a team for a specified time period.
goalrollupquery Query that is used to filter the results of the goal rollup.
importfile File name of file used for import.
letter Activity that tracks the delivery of a letter. The activity can contain the electronic copy of the letter.
metric Type of measurement for a goal, such as money amount or count.
personaldocumenttemplate Used to store Personal Document Templates in database in binary format.
phonecall Activity to track a telephone call.
queueitem A specific item in a queue, such as a case record or an activity record.
recurringappointmentmaster The Master appointment of a recurring appointment series.
rollupfield Field to be rolled up to calculate the actual and in-progress values against the goal.
savedquery Saved query against the database.
systemform Organization-owned entity customizations including form layout and dashboards.
systemuser Person with access to the Microsoft CRM system and who owns objects in the Microsoft CRM database.
task Generic activity representing work needed to be done.
team Collection of system users that routinely collaborate. Teams can be used to simplify record sharing and provide team members with common access to organization data when team members belong to different Business Units.
territory Territory represents sales regions.
workflow Set of logical rules that define the steps necessary to automate a specific business process, task, or set of actions to be performed.

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