Service Level Agreement (SLA) Extension Solution

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The following entities are included in this solution.

Name Display Name Description
sla Contains information about the tracked service-level KPIs for cases that belong to different customers.
slaitem Contains information about a tracked support KPI for a specific customer.
slakpiinstance Service level agreement (SLA) key performance indicator (KPI) instance that is tracked for an individual case


The following actions are included in this solution.

Name Description
msdyn_CreateActionFlow This action creates the action flows for SLA items when user clicks on configure button on SLA item page.
msdyn_FixSLARelationshipsOnTargetEntities Fixes the cascade delete property of sla to target entity relationship by doing update SDK call.
msdyn_ManageSLAInstances Manages create and update of SLA instances on create/update of target entity record.
msdyn_MigrateSlaProactiveRun Runs a SLA migration Proactive Run for validation
msdyn_SendEmailFromTemplate Sends an email from a template after action gets triggered.
msdyn_SLACustomTimeCalculationTemplate Register a plug-in step for this message to customize the calculation of the warning time and the failure time of SLA KPIs by enabling own custom time calculation.
msdyn_SLATimeCalculation Register a plug-in step to calculate the warning time and failure time for SLA kpi instance based on the input parameters.

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