OptionSetMetadata EntityType

Base Type
Operations Supported


Properties represent fields of data stored in the entity.

Name Type Details
Description Label

A description for the option set.

DisplayName Label

A label containing the display name for the global option set.

ExternalTypeName Edm.String
HasChanged Edm.Boolean

Indicates whether the item of metadata has changed.

IntroducedVersion Edm.String

A string identifying the solution version that the solution component was added in.

IsCustomizable BooleanManagedProperty

Whether the option set is customizable.

IsCustomOptionSet Edm.Boolean

Whether the option set is a custom option set.

IsGlobal Edm.Boolean

Whether the option set is a global option set.

IsManaged Edm.Boolean

Whether the option set is part of a managed solution.

MetadataId Edm.Guid

A unique identifier for the metadata item.

Name Edm.String

The name of a global option set.

Options OptionMetadata
OptionSetType OptionSetType

The type of option set.

ParentOptionSetName Edm.String

Used by

The following use the OptionSetMetadata metadata entity type.

Name How used
EnumAttributeMetadata NavigationProperty
EnumAttributeMetadata NavigationProperty

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